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Best value, or inestimable value?

I passed the faithful this morning. They were gathered around the sacred fount. Their fervent expectation was the Sabbath Bacchanalia. There they stood in high spirits. The sun shone brightly through the leafy trees outside the wine shop.

I’d had my wine for the day. Just that sip from the cup, after the bread, as I do each Lord’s Day. We, too, had thought of value as we gathered. Not the best value wine, but the precious blood of Christ — “Jesus’ rich, atoning blood” as we had sung in our opening hymn of praise. Not best value, but inestimable value.

The contrast could not have been more intense.

The value of Christ’s blood is greater than silver or gold. It is not with such perishable things that redemption is accomplished. It takes something of inestimable value to pay the ransom for sinners. (1 Peter 1:18,19).