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Here are a few resources I’ve found helpful studying and preaching from Leviticus — 13 Jan 2012.

Field, David, ‘Leviticus Reading’, [blog], 10 Oct 2007. <>: The audio by James B. Jordan and Peter Leithart are available from for download at a charge. (On a personal note, I was glad to see Wenham rated highly. Having studied under him, I can heartily endorse that opinion.)
—— ‘Orientation to Leviticus’, [blog], 10 Oct 2007. <>.

Reinke, Tony, ‘Preaching Leviticus’, Plant & Build [blog], 16 Dec 2011. <>: interview with Jared Mellinger, senior pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church, includes links to audio of series on sermons on Leviticus.

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