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Thankful eating

Earlier this year I watched the BBC television series Masterchef. I like my food, but I wouldn’t be as fanatical as the contestants or judges. What struck me, however, about the final banquet for the Michelin-starred chefs was not the high quality of the cooking or presentation, but the lack of thankfulness to the provider of the food. There was plenty of praise for the contestants, and deservedly so, for they were certainly accomplished chefs. But there was no thanks offered to the one who provided the food — the living God. No one offered audible thanks to him, either before, or during, or after the meal.

The fare in our home at meal time is certainly not Michelin-starred quality (I should know, I’m the chef!). But without fail, before we eat we thank Almighty God for his gracious provision. Without him we would have nothing. We ask him for our daily bread, the least we can do is thank him when he provides it. And yet, it is not merely the least we can do, but all we must do, for he provides our food, and all our needs.