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Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Pundit’s Folly (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth)

The Pundit’s Folly

Ecclesiastes may not be your idea of a good summer read, or a good read at any time of year. But over the summer I found it came alive in the hands of Sinclair Ferguson in an exceedingly relevant and readable way.

The Pundit’s Folly (Banner of Truth, 1995) is a short book of only four chapters, but Ferguson manages to get to the heart of Qoheleth’s (the name of the author and the title of the book according to the Hebrew) message in a concise way by looking at four man themes: eduction, pleasure, work, and success. He applies the message of the book forcefully, but graciously.

In the second half of the book, he expounds the Gospel clearly, taking Qoheleth as his starting point. This is a book that would help any Christian, no matter their age or spiritual maturity to gain a clear understanding of the message of the book of Qoheleth. Considering how modern, or perhaps postmodern, Qoheleth sounds, it is a highly relevant, if frequently overlooked, book in the Bible.

Ferguson’s book would also be suitable to give to a Christian who is struggling with their faith in any of the areas he covers. It would also be an appropriate gift for an unbelieving friend who is thinking seriously about God and these issues.

If you prefer audio to print, then Philip Ryken’s current morning sermon series at Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, is on Ecclesiastes, currently in chapter 9. I’ve also found it extremely helpful in getting to grips with the book.