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Why I believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ

I believe it because God’s Word proclaims it, and Christ’s apostles preached it.

But some say dead me don’t live again. I say such a statement is dead wrong. Let me explain.

If resurrection is impossible, then Jesus Christ cannot have risen. But that is not what objectors say. They say, “Resurrection is impossible, so Jesus cannot have risen.” The “if” makes all the different. The statement is a possibility, not a fact.

But there is one other possibility to consider before anyone can come to a firm conclusion. “If Jesus rose from the dead, then resurrection is possible.”

There are not other possibilities. And only one of these possibilities can be true. But which is it?

The objection that resurrection is impossible can never be proven. It rests on a universal negative. No one can be that certain about any statement like that without omniscience. Only a fool or an arrogant person would try. Such a statement can only command acceptance on the balance of probability. But one exception disproves it forever. That one exception has already happened. Jesus has risen. He is the one who falsifies the proposition because his resurrection falsifies the premise.

So I say resurrection is possible because Jesus did rise from the dead. The fact is indisputable. The witness statements are to be found in the pages of the New Testament. They are credible. Only the ignorant would deny that Jesus rose from the dead. Reading the accounts and assessing their veracity at first hand is the only sensible and reasonable way to come to a confident conclusion.

But I believe in the bodily resurrection because God’s Word declares it. The logic merely shows that it is a sensible belief, not a non-sensical one. To believe otherwise is nonsensical, credulous and foolish.

Christ is Risen.

He is risen indeed!