This blog is unashamedly biblical and personal. It comes principally from my reading of Christian Scripture and other edifying literature, though sometimes it may be a response to current events or media reports. Being personal it will necessarily be open to criticism for it is likely incomplete and may be mistaken. Often it may be nothing more than thinking aloud, but I do trust that it will be stimulating, and ultimately edifying, as I try to “take every thought captive to obey Christ” (2Co 10:5).

I’m happy to allow comments on my blog, but all comments are moderated. You can be critical or complementary, but I reserve the right to permit or deny without explanation. It is my blog, so I get to set the rules. I generally deny those that are simply gratuitous links to other blogs, and permit courteous interaction with my comments.

So much for the blog, but who am I? I hate to see postings by anonymous people, so at the risk of you stereotyping me, here’s the short version. I’m a part-time university tutor, part-time database and Web site developer/typesetter/accountant. The rest of my time I’m a full-time follower of Christ (is there any other kind?) who currently lives in the north of the island of Ireland. I’m in fellowship at Apsley Hall Assembly and like early brethren leaders have strongish calvinistic leanings. My preferred Bible translation is the English Standard Version (ESV), but I’m happy to read other translations, and frequently do. I just like to read a good, accurate translation, and find that the ESV is about the best available today for serious study of the Scriptures in English.

Peter F Whyte

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  1. cwalley

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for this which was picked up by Google Alerts. Hope you enjoy the book and do post a review somewhere if you do. I really fancy being a Reformed hero but martyrdom normally seems to come into that.


    Chris Walley

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