Improving Worship

Don Whitney has some helpful comments on improving worship in his three articles “Ten Ways to Improve Your church’s Worship Service“, “Ten More Ways to Improve Your Church’s Worship Service” and “A Third Ten Ways to Improve Your Church’s Worship Service“. What he has to say is certainly not “novel”, but a good deal of it is extremely challenging. It is easy to become complacent and routine in worship. We could all do with challenges to our worship lest is becomes substandard, and even fails to be true worship.

I was particularly in sympathy with his comments on taking care with the use of technology in worship. I’ve been in a few services over the years which ground to a halt while the technology caught up. But while I’m wary of including too much technology in worship, there certainly are positive benefits I would not wish to lose, like recording sermons and making them available on the Internet.

As someone who has had various responsibilities for the sung worship of the congregation I appreciated greatly what he had to say about that. There were also a few surprises for me in the things that he focussed on.

These are three articles that are worth reading and re-reading periodically.


HT: Colin Adams (Unashamed Workman)

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