O Jesus, we adore thee

I really enjoyed singing this hymn today. It gives a great perspective on life. Many pass Christ by, but his people no longer pass him by. Passing Christ by is to let life pass you by, for he alone gives meaning and purpose to life, the Author of Life itself.

O Jesus, we adore thee,
Upon the cross, our King!
We bow our hearts before thee,
Thy gracious name we sing.
That name hath brought salvation,
That name in life our stay,
Our peace, our consolation,
When life shall fade away.

Yet doth the world disdain thee,
Still passing by the cross;
Lord, may our hearts retain thee;
All else we count but loss.
Ah, Lord, our sins arraigned thee,
And nailed thee to the tree:
Our pride, our Lord, disdained thee;
Yet deign our hope to be.

O glorious King, we bless thee,
No longer pass thee by;
O Jesus, we confess thee
The Son enthroned on high.
Lord, grant us reto mission;
Life through thy death restore;
Yea, grant us the fruition
Of life for evermore.

Arthur T. Russell (1851)

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