The triumph of the resurrection

This morning we sang this hymn in our gathered worship. It was a powerful reminder of just what the resurrection means.

The final triumph won,
the full atonement made,
salvation’s work is done,
redemption’s price is paid:
the morning breaks, the dark is fled,
for Christ is risen from the dead!

The tomb in which He lay
lies empty now and bare;
the stone is rolled away,
no lifeless form is there:
the sting is drawn from death and grave,
for Christ is risen, strong to save!

For us the Saviour died,
with us He lives again,
to God the Father’s side
exalted now to reign:
to throne and crown by right restored,
for Christ is risen, Christ is Lord!

As one with Him we rise
to seek the things above,
in life that never dies,
in righteousness and love:
let praise unite our ransomed powers,
for Christ is risen, Christ is ours!

Timothy Dudley-Smith, b. 1926

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