Fair Semblances

I’ve been reading Nathan Pitchford’s current book, an allegorical fantasy entitled Fair Semblances, for a few months now and thoroughly enjoying it. There are 20 chapters to catch up with, and regular fixes installments every Monday. I’ve been meaning to spread the word for some time now, and have finally got round to it. Some resolutions are best unmade, then they have more chance of being kept! There’s some great theological reflections on the blog as well as a great story. If you enjoy the book, leave Nathan a comment to encourage him.

2 thoughts on “Fair Semblances

  1. allryledup

    Hi Peter, Thanks for letting me know about this – I’m quite intrigued. At first I thought ‘Surely that can’t be his real name!’ but it looks like it is. The blog looks very interesting too.

    I’m catching up on an online novel myself though it’s not an allegory. It’s ‘Corduroy Mansions’ by Alexander McCall Smith over at the Daily Telegraph site. It’s very entertaining!


  2. Peter Whyte

    Yes, Colin, that’s his real name! He likes to sprinkle Hebrew names around, but there are a few that have me puzzled, though I haven’t taken the time to hunt them up in a lexicon.

    I’ve never read any McCall Smith, but I’ve heard Phil Ryken mention the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in a sermon now and again. Been meaning to see what the books are like. I think I’ll give the podcast a go (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/corduroymansionsbyalexandermcca/).

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