To read or not to read: the big decision

What should I read?

Should I read this book? Should I read that book?

There are many books I could read, but what should I read? Should I read a book because it is a best seller? or popular?

Choosing what to read is no longer easy when there is so much choice. But more important than availability or popularity is whether a book will be edifying. Will it build me up in my faith? Will it help me know God better, and live more faithfully as his servant? If it will help me, it will be faithful to Scripture. If it is not, then I should pass it by (unless I am seeking to evaluate it myself against Scripture).

Recommendations and reviews are so helpful in deciding what to read. Rather than continuing with a page of my current reading, which astute readers of this blog may have noticed disappeared a while back, I’ve decided to comment on some current and planned reading in the main body of the blog. I’m never organized enough to post proper reviews, so anything I post will either be short recommendations or interactions with passages.

I can’t promise anything too regular, as I sometimes get engrossed in my reading to the exclusion of blogging. As I find the time, I’ll try to post a few tidbits. That way I won’t have to avoid Colin when I meet him again!! Thanks for the encouragement to keep posting, Colin.

One thought on “To read or not to read: the big decision

  1. allryledup

    Hi Peter, I was glad to bump into you. You’ve certainly taken the encouragement with 3 posts in one day! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on How Biblical Languages Work which I was helped by myself. It’s challenging that a “part-time university tutor, part-time database and Web site developer, and part-time accountant” has such an interest in the original languages. Bitzer isn’t such an exception after all!

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