To Darwin be the Glory

I really enjoyed the BBC programme tonight on Galapagos, and look forward to seeing the other two in the series. Beautiful scenery, skillful photography, and enlightening commentary. What a pity Darwin got the glory, and not the Creator. The commentator almost came close to the truth when she started to mention how the islands were created, and I thought for one moment the BBC would give the Creator the credit and glory. But I should have known better: it was only the confluence of the currents that made the islands what they are. I must say, stating that marine iguanas evolved from land-based ones to adapt to the islands’ climate seemed to be stretching things a little. God didn’t make two kinds of iguana? But then how could he; he doesn’t exist. Sorry, I forgot, BBC. And, of course, the programme researchers know this to be a fact because they were there to see it, or have some reliable documentary evidence from those who saw it happen — something like the Bible, only true! Maybe for the next episode I should watch with the sound turned off, then my blood pressure might be a little less elevated.

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