The greatest crisis facing the world?

According to Terence Stamp at Live Earth, Wembley, tonight, climate change is the greatest crisis facing our world.

Sorry, Terence, it’s not. The greatest crisis facing our world right now is the prospect of the certain judgment of Almighty God. We must all give an account to him for all we have done (2 Cor 5:10), and particularly what we have done with Christ.

The jury may be out as the the reality of catastrophic climate change. It may or may not be happening. But the judgment of God is absolutely certain because God has appointed human beings to die, and after that will come judgment (Heb 9:27; Acts 17:31).

In the face of that certain and terrible reality we must do what God commands — that we repent of our sin (Acts 17:30) — all of us individually. And we must trust in Jesus Christ for our only certain salvation (John 14:6; John 3:16-21). Only then may we face the greatest crisis facing our world with confidence that it will not overwhelm us.

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