Live Earth Irony

How ironic that those who will proclaim the message of action to prevent climate change the loudest are also those whose generally conspicuous and consumptive lifestyle contributes to it both by their own actions and the actions of those who would seek to emulate them.

And yet these pop idols are so lie the idols of the classical and pagan worlds. No one suggested they should be paragons of virtue — holy deities. They were not bound by the lifestyles they expected of mortals. So, too, these pop idols do not practice what they preach, and to a large extent no on expects them to.

Christian preachers, though not perfect, are expected to model their message, and though redeemed they are still fallen, so sometimes do fall. Nonetheless, Christian preachers and church leaders are expected to maintain high moral and spiritual standards. They do seek to live by the message they proclaim.

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