New Year … New Day

In this New Year we do well to remember that God only gives new days, not new years. Moses’ prayer is a good one for this season:

So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom
(Psalm 90:12)

For many of us, numbering our days is simply that—notching them up, counting our days, often without thought of the God who gave them to us. Let us be wise in this new year to acknowledge the God who gives us each new day.

Let us also realise that our days are numbered. Each new day from God brings us all one day closer to Judgment Day. We would be wise to remember we are accountable for all we do and say and think to the God who gives us each new day.

But above all we should strive to make our days count instead of just counting our days. The only really wise people are those who realise they live in God’s Day of Salvation, and avail of that salvation today. Only then will our days count with the only one who ultimately matters—Almighty God.

Then and only then will you know the joy and gladness of the day the Lord has made, the joy and gladness of sins forgiven, and the certain prospect of condemnation on Judgment Day removed forever.

At this New Year, may we be taught to number our days to be wise enough to avail of God’s salvation.

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