Welcome to the online home of Peter Whyte. It's an eclectic mix that reflects who I am and what I think and do.

Summer along the River Lagan, Belfast
Summer along the River Lagan, Belfast

Since I'm first and foremost a Christian and that affects everything I think and everything I do, you'll find that my blog "Captive Thoughts" reflects that. And so does my collection of quotations which you can read off site at Quoty.

I also work with computers in a variety of ways, desiging Web sites, developing databases, training in the workplace and tutoring a university course. If you're interested, you will find further details under Peter Whyte Associates.

When I get the time I take photographs (not always like the one above), paint, play the piano, strum the guitar, and scrape the violin. I'm also tracing my family back as many generations as I can.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find something stimulating, interesting, or helpful. Not all these things are reflected on the site at present, but some day I'll get round to it, or at least some of it.